Lullabys Baby and Toddler Resale Shop Located at 225-D South 21st Street, Newark, Ohio Open Monday thru Saturday 10:00Am to 6:00PM Phone 740-344-296
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Welcome to Lullaby’s online home where you can browse through our various departments and view sample pictures of what type and quality products we carry. Lullaby’s Baby and Toddler Resale Shop was founded in 2008 in Johnstown, Ohio. However, it became obvious that the location was not suited to serving our customers in both available space for item display and parking. Thus Lullaby’s moved to the Mound Center Shopping Center in May of 2009 where our display floor is larger and parking is literally at the front door. Lullaby’s was founded with a commitment to bringing its customers quality gently used merchandise at affordable prices.

Lullaby's Baby and Toddler Resale Shop is not a consignment store. Our merchandise is hand selected by our personal buyers.

Lullaby's Toys, Crib Bumpers, Sweaters, Jackets and more

At Lullaby’s you will find a diverse selection of merchandise. We carry everything from baby bottles to boy’s and girl’s casual and dress apparel to jumper and activity seats and Infant activity mats to shoes and socks, coats and sweaters, seasonal wear, toys, crib sheets and bedding, Crib Bumpers, potty chairs, gift selections, Ohio State Apparel, nursery lamps, umbrella Strollers, Maternity Wear and much, much more. As a resale shop the inventory at Lullaby’s is constantly changing as new items are added regularly and other items are sold. To truly appreciate the extent and variety of the Lullaby’s Baby and Toddler Shop merchandise you need to visit our store regularly. We are located in the Mound Center Shopping Center in Newark, Ohio on south 21st street adjacent to Mound Builders Park.  

Click on any link to go to a page displaying photos of items that you will typically find when shopping at Lullaby’s. You can also call us Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 6:00pm and Saturday Noon to 5:00pm to see if we have the item you are looking for.  

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